Executive Coaching 

The pressure to continuously deliver results causes leaders to ignore things that don’t lead directly to them. Because executives are talented achievers, they tend to rise on their abilities, but bump against the ceiling of those abilities as they move up in the company. All their leadership issues have more weighty consequences. Mistakes can cost millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs.

Executive coaching can be very challenging in it’s energy and pacing. The higher up a leader gets in a company, the less time and patience she has for slow processes. The Executive must respect the coach and his or her ability to deliver results.

Here in order are the top 10 coaching topics for C-Level leaders:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, and empathy
  3. Influence
  4. Leading during times of change
  5. Communication skills
  6. Motivation and engagement, leading with vision, and purpose
  7. Building effective teams
  8. Strategy and strategic thinking
  9. Working with uncertainty and ambiguity; decision skills
  10. Mentoring, developing internal talent, succession



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Business Coaching 

Business owners have unique problem sets and challenges as they negotiate operating all functions of their company.  Many start-up owners created their business as a way to produce they amazing widgets that they created.  All they want to do is make their widgets available to the world, and they are very good at creating and producing widgets.

They soon learn that sustaining a business takes a lot more skills than innovation in the widget department, and many business fail due to a lack of strategic, operational and tactical knowledge of how to get their widget into the hands of consumers. 

Here in order are the top 10 coaching topics for business owners:

  1. Strategy
  2. Leveraging time to be more productive 
  3. Awareness and blind spots 
  4. Development plan 
  5. Accountability
  6. See what's possible 
  7. Learn from someone who has done it
  8. Access to proven system 
  9. Saves time, money and effort
  10. Gets you unstuck and out of your comfort zone 



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