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I was a little nervous when I heard that Rangers would be teaching this course.  I thought that I would die, literally die, because of how out of shape I was.  I was pleased to learn that, while demanding in nature, Camp Inferno is designed for all fitness levels.  Who knew these Rangers could have so much fun while filing my head with so much goodness?

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Camp Inferno 

Summer camp for adults is the hottest themed vacation around these days.  Who wouldn't want the endless fun activities that we enjoyed as a kid-only with no supervision?  Well, while being our own supervision. 

Camp Inferno takes all the elements that makes adult camping great-outdoor activites, great food, campfires with smores, new friendships-and adds a training plan delivered by former Rangers.  

Wether you close down shop and take the whole team, or fly solo, Camp Inferno will leave you with a lasting memory of state-of-the-art leadership development and fun.  Afterall, we do learn best when fun is involved. 

Contact us today to learn about this year's Camp Inferno schedule and opprotunities. 

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